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Turn your used books into cash! Bookpower manages all the hassles. We connect you to buyers & students across North America from schools, colleges & universities, online marketplaces, professional organizations & the general public.
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All items must contain a clearly visible ISBN-13 barcode (starts with 978).
Items that do not contain this barcode will be recycled.

What Bookpower provides
  • We provide convenient access to multiple markets to sell your books
  • We manage all the details (shipping, repair, sales, returns, donations)
  • We pay based on the net sale and condition. We do our best to maximize your price.
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    How to sell your books on consignment
  • Search & select the books using the convenient tool above
  • Choose your shipping method (shipping might even be free!)
  • Receive your label(s), pack your boxes and leave with Canada Post
  • Track any consigned books and related payouts online & on-demand
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    What kind of books can I consign?
  • We accept textbooks, unused workbooks from JK-12, college/university & professional learning
  • We also accept novels, library & general reading from all levels
  • Books for resale should be in good or better condition
  • Books not resaleable or not in demand will be donated or recycled properly (no landfill !)
  • All items must contain a clearly visible ISBN-13 barcode.
    Items that do not contain this barcode will be recycled.
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    How much will I make?
  • Payouts are based on many factors including the condition of the book, its net sale price in the market, and the speed at which it sells.
  • We try to give you an idea, in the table above, of both the demand and the possible payout price if the item were to be sold today with the paid shipping option.
  • Because we price relative to the market, this amount may go both up or down at any time.
  • We generally pay out half of the net resale value.
  • For the free shipping option we pay half the standard payout.
  • For items submitted via Book Drop, standard rates apply but items may be recycled at any time at the discretion of Bookpower.
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    How do I get paid?
  • After books have sold, we issue credits to your bookpower account and send you statements as activity occurs.
  • Credits can be used to purchase items from bookpower.com or cashed out via a cheque.
  • Cheque payouts are made on a quarterly basis while credits can be used as soon as they are issued.
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    Where do you sell my books?
    We list books for sale in as many markets as possible to maximize sales exposure such as:
  • Directly to educational institutions including independent schools, public schools & school boards/districts and colleges/universities.
  • The general public through our bookpower and Amazon and other 3rd party online outlets
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    How do I send my books to Bookpower?
  • After you decide on what to send us using the search tool above, we provide you a pre-paid shipping label(s).
  • This label is placed on the outside of well packed boxes which you then drop off at any local Canada Post outlet or partner.
  • Your label contains all the necessary information for us to identify your books, get them into our live listings and pay you when sold.
  • You may also use the Book Drop option to submit your books at one of our locations.
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    How long will you list my books?
  • Your books will stay listed so long as there is sufficient demand, after which they may be recycled properly.
  • For paid shipping listings, where you cover the shipping and storage, we will hold the items for sale for a minimum of two years.
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    How do you know if my books will sell?
  • We evaluate your listings by looking at demand from our current clients as well as external market information from our partners.
  • We try to give you an idea of both the demand and the possible payout price if the item were to be sold today with the paid shipping option.
  • Because we price relative to the market, this amount may go both up or down at any time.
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    Demand for my books is unknown, should I still consign them?
    If you have several textbooks and/or recent novels, then the probability that we can sell some of them goes up.
  • We recommend attempting to sell anything you have that is a recent or popular publication as demand is often only known after an item has been listed for sale.
  • Good condition and currently in-use textbooks, popular general reading and novels are the best candidates.
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    Free Shipping
  • If you qualify for the free shipping options, a deposit is required in advance and will be refunded when your boxes have been received, less any additional charges for extra books or overweight cartons.
  • The additional $0.80 / extra item will either be deducted from your deposit refund or charged to you if the deposit amount is exceeded.
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    Can I get my consigned books back if they don’t sell?
  • If you anticipate you may want your books returned, or are uncertain with giving them up, please do not list them with us as we are going to considerable efforts to find a market for them.
  • We assure you that as long as there is reasonable market demand for your books we will continue to list them for sale, but consigned books will not be returned.
  • In brief, we will not return unsold consign books.

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