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Last updated on June 17, 2020.


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Placing and Changing Your Order

- Your order will be billed at the time you place your order.
- Selection of a used book online does not guarantee the availability of that used book, as there may be rare instances when, upon further examination, a used book may not be suitable for sale. If a previously selected used book is not available, we will contact you with alternative purchasing options.

Shipping and Delivery

This website may offer several shipping options, the details of which will be communicated at the time of placing your order. The following options and conditions apply:
  • An email to the customer will be sent as soon as a parcel leaves our facility with tracking information.
  • Delivery generally occurs only on weekdays between 8:00AM and 5:00PM. However, alternate arrangements may be offered for additional fees as either noted on the order pages or arranged personally with our customer service staff.
  • A signature upon delivery is usually required for higher value packages. If a customer selects or arranges personally a "safe drop" option or delivery without a signature, the customer assumes all liability for lost or damaged goods if the carrier indicates the package(s) were delivered and BookPower does not assume any responsibility for the parcel and contents whatsoever.
  • If the shipper attempts delivery and no one is available to sign for the parcel if required, a door tag is left with several optional instructions on how to retrieve your parcel (including pickup at the shipper's depot or re-delivery). If the parcel is not picked up within 5 business days, the parcel is returned to BookPower to await alternate arrangements and additional shipping costs may be required from the customer to reship the parcel.

Verification of Items Shipped to You

- It is your responsibility to compare the contents of each box you receive against the packing slip enclosed in the box.
- Please pay special attention to items relating to electronic content, such as access codes and CD’s as these are easily mixed up with packing materials and may be accidentally discarded.
- You will have 3 business days from receipt of each box to report any damages, missing items or other discrepancies to BookPower. BookPower will NOT accommodate customer requests resulting from notifications after this deadline.

Used Books

- Used books offered for sale on this website may have been expertly repaired and reconditioned.
- Please contact us immediately if you have any concerns regarding the used books that you receive.
- A description of the quality of used books is available by hovering over the quality indicator on the search listings and shopping cart.


Before you write your name in a book or mark it in any way:
  • Check that you have the correct title.

How to Return a Book:
  • Most items may be returned within 10 business days of delivery.
  • Some special order items may be non-returnable once delivered and in special cases (such as certain e-codes etc.) items are non-refundable once ordered. Exceptions will be clearly indicated in the item descritions and on the order confirmations.
  • Obtain a Return Authorization Number and instructions by e-mailing us at info@bookpower.com.
  • Books that have been marked or damaged in any way will not be accepted for a full refund but may be either given a partial refund or listed for sale on consignment at BookPower's discretion.
  • Returned items must be returned in the same condition that they were received.
  • If BookPower has made a mistake, the customer will assume no additional charges for a return. In all other cases, a restocking fee of 20% applies to all returned items and the customer is responsible for all shipping fees and potential damage in transit to the goods..

Books on Consignment

When will BookPower send credits or payments for books sold on consignment?
  • Credits will be applied to your BookPower account as books sell. These credits may then be used towards future book orders through BookPower or paid out quarterly on request. If you believe you should have been paid for books but have not received payment(s), please first track the consignment as described above. If you need more information, please contact BookPower Customer Service directly with the consignment number for assistance.
BookPower does not return donated or consigned books.

If you qualify for the free shipping options, a deposit is required in advance and will be refunded when your boxes have been received, less any additional charges for extra books or overweight cartons.
  • The additional $0.80 / extra item will either be deducted from your deposit refund or charged to you if the deposit amount is exceeded

  • Your books will stay listed so long as there is sufficient demand, after which they may be recycled properly.
  • For paid shipping listings, where you cover the shipping and storage, we will hold the items for sale for a minimum of two years.
  • Items consigned through the Book Drop tool will be pre-screened and items that are deemed not resaleable may be recycled at any time.
  • Donated items will be listed with our pool of donations instead of your account.

  • Because we price relative to the market, the selling amount may go both up or down at any time.
  • Payouts are based on many factors including the condition of the book, its net sale price in the market, and the speed at which it sells.
  • We generally pay out half of the net resale value (the Standard Payout)
  • For the free shipping option we pay half the standard payout.

  • After books have been sold, we issue credits to your bookpower account and send you statements as activity occurs.
  • Credits can be used to purchase items from bookpower.com or cashed out via a cheque.
  • Cheque payouts are made on a quarterly basis while credits can be used as soon as they are issued.

  • BookPower’s assessment of the suitability and condition of your books for resale is final.

    Books not resaleable or not in demand will be donated or recycled properly.


    Any personal information provided to us will be held in confidence and only used to support your customer relationship with BookPower.

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